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Valentine's Day Culinary Gifts to Delight Foodies & Home Chefs!

Amazontella: Delight & Discover the Tastes of the Amazon Rainforest


It’s easy to bring the benefits of the Amazon rainforest directly to your table with the new, organic superfruit spreads from Amazontella. Choose from Cupuacu Fruit Spread, Acai Fruit Spread and Cupuacu Pepper Fruit Spread, all 100% made from fruit sourced directly from the Amazon rainforest. Delight your senses and reap the benefits of antioxidant-rich superfruits only found in the Amazon… easily spread on toast, cheese, fruit, or added to a charcuterie board. 5% of the profits will be donated to indigenous communities in the Amazonas state, where Founder Ludmila Azevedo was born. Learn more at


Luji's Chocolate

Luji's ("Loo - geez") Chocolate is deliciously grown, crafted and packaged from bean to bar in West Africa and made with unique ingredients from the region. When you purchase a Luji's bar, they'll deliver cocoa tree seedlings to a cocoa farmer where our cocoa is sourced. Dedicated to creating the finest chocolate that celebrates the unique flavors of West Africa, Luji's Chocolate mission is to blend exquisite taste with authentic regional ingredients, crafting a chocolate experience that's truly West African at heart. In addition to creating mouthwatering chocolate, they are also adding value to the local economy where their chocolate comes from. The Luji’s sampler set includes 4 chocolate bars in a set, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, as well as 2 specialty flavors, Ginger Plantain Crunch & Spicy Suya. All of the bars are single origin & 100% made in West Africa. Each flavor is in beautifully designed packaging that puts the Luji’s mission at the very center. Learn more at


Jessica's Granola by Jessica's Natural Foods


Perfect for gift-giving this Valentine's Day, Jessica’s Granola is premium artisan decadent granola. Delicious and flavorful, the granola is handmade in small batches and contains wholesome ingredients like ground flax seed and coconut. It’s baked at a low temperature to bring out its natural flavor and crunch. Enjoy it by the handful or top yogurt, smoothie bowls, oatmeal and more! Available in 8 mouthwatering varieties, including Chocolate Chip Granola, Vanilla Maple Granola, Almond Cherry Granola, Cherry & Berry Granola, Pecan Almond Granola, Chocolate Hazelnut Granola, Almond Butter Granola, and Butterscotch Chip Granola. Jessica’s Granola is Non-GMO project verified, Gluten-free certified (GFCO), and Kosher (OUD). Learn more at


Oat Boss Granola Butter 


Move over nut butter alternatives, Oat Boss Granola Butter has made its' debut! Free of the top 8 Allergens, this delightful & creamy healthy alternative to nut & seed butters will be your new favorite. Granola Butter is a delicious fiber-rich fusion of the wholesome goodness of granola and the creamy indulgence of a spread. Go on - drizzle, blend or spoon it out for breakfast, a healthy snack or an after dinner treat! You can choose from 6 delicious varieties, including Original, Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Fudge, Donut and Shortbread. Only 6 grams of sugar per serving, and 100% Nut & Seed Free, 100% Gluten Free, Soy Free & Non-GMO. Learn more at


Hummus Goodness


Dip in and indulge! Hummus Goodness is proud to be a women-owned Michigan company dedicated to providing fresh and delicious hummus. The hummus is made fresh weekly in small batches to ensure top quality and impeccable consistency, using only real ingredients that you can trust. The hummus is made with no citric acid, hydrogenated oils and artificial preservatives like potassium sorbate. Instead, each hummus is made with ingredients like garbanzo beans, tahini, fresh lemon juice and olive oil, so you can enjoy the goodness of hummus with taste and nutrition in mind. Seven robust flavors of hummus are available, including Classic Hummus, Roasted Garlic Hummus, Beet Hummus, Taco Hummus, Spicy Hummus, Balsamic Hummus & Pickle Hummus. 

Learn more at

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