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  • Colleen Lippert

OKAY JOE Drops Groundbreaking New Single "Goodnight Together"

Nashville, TN (May 21, 2024) - OKAY JOE, the audacious artist who turned down a lucrative record deal to preserve his creative autonomy, is back with his latest single, "Goodnight Together." This trailblazing track is a testament to OKAY JOE’s belief that music transcends genre boundaries, blending country-style lyrics, EDM drops, and a rap verse into a unique, harmonious soundscape.

"Goodnight Together" is more than just a song; it’s a movement. OKAY JOE, formerly known as Joe Berk, has been revolutionizing the music scene since 2017. His decision to reject the record deal was a defining moment, igniting the creation of OKAY JOE – a project that stands for artistic freedom and philanthropy. 

"Music is music," explains OKAY JOE. "This song is meant to inspire people that they don't need to 'fit' into a particular genre. The beauty of music lies in its diversity and its power to bring different elements together to create something truly special." 

OKAY JOE’s commitment to making a positive impact is as profound as his music. All proceeds from streaming royalties, merchandise sales, NFTs, brand partnerships, and concerts are dedicated to funding music schools. These schools aim to provide scholarships to children from low-income families, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to access music education and unleash their creative potential. 

"Goodnight Together" exemplifies OKAY JOE's innovative approach to music. The song’s country roots are intertwined with electrifying EDM beats and a dynamic rap segment, creating a sound that is as inclusive as it is exhilarating. It's a celebration of musical fusion that captivates audiences of all ages and backgrounds.


OKAY JOE is a not-for-profit musician dedicated to using music as a tool for social change. With a genre-blending sound and a commitment to philanthropy, OKAY JOE aims to redefine the role of independent artists in today's music industry. Through the establishment of music schools and scholarships, OKAY JOE seeks to empower individuals from all walks of life to discover their creative potential and pursue their passion for music.For more information, visit and follow OKAY JOE on Instagram and Twitter.

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