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Marsh House "Sancerre Untold" - Wine Wednesday March 2023

credit Andrea Behrends

Known for its stellar wine list highlighting unique regions and vintners, the Gulch’s seafood-centric eatery will feature Sancerre Untold throughout the month.

According to award-winning sommelier Todd Johnston, “The famed region of Sancerre highlights high-toned crisp and mineral focused wines. However, most are only familiar with the white wines of Sauvignon Blanc. A smaller portion of production of wines in the region are reds of Pinot Noir that have equal precision and elegance. Each Wednesday in March we will be opening a very special bottle of Sancerre, highlighting those only made in the best vintages, and single parcel expressions from some of the most epic producers. Come taste both red and white wines from Sancerre all at a price that wouldn’t normally coincide with these prestigious wines.”

March schedule follows:

3/1: Domaine Vacheron Les Romains. Sancerre Blanc 2020

3/8: Claude Riffault La Noue. Sancerre Rouge 2019

3/15: Claude Riffault Les Denisottes. Sancerre Blanc 2020

3/22: Hippolyte Reverdy Cuvée Ortus. Sancerre Blanc 2015

3/29: Lucien Crochet Cuvée Prestige. Sancerre Rouge 2009

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