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  • Colleen Lippert


Nashville, TN (March 24, 2023) - Country music singer/songwriter and recording artist Katie Fee recently released her new single "Haven't Even Poured the Whiskey" (co-written with Sammy Kay and Paige King Johnson). You can listen to the song HERE!

With whimsical lyrics like my head is starting to spin, my hands are starting to shake, my words are tangled up and I can't seem to think straight, "Haven't Even Poured the Whiskey" will have listeners feeling drunk on love by the end of the song.

"Sometimes song ideas can come simply from hearing someone say something that sounds like a lyric or a title, so you have to watch what you say around songwriters," Katie jokes. "At the end of Sammy Kay's birthday party, everyone was getting ready to leave and her mom looked over at a bottle of whiskey and said, Oh, we didn't even open the whiskey. My songwriter brain lit up, so I wrote it down knowing I had a write scheduled with Sammy and Paige King Johnson the next Monday. We took that idea and ran with it!"

About Katie Fee:

Katie Fee’s love of music stems from an early age in which she listened to ‘90s country artists such as Shania Twain, Faith Hill, and Deana Carter. In the Fall of 2017, Katie left her hometown of Sioux Falls, SD to attend Belmont University in Nashville, TN, where she studied music business. Since moving to Music City, Katie has thrown herself into Nashville’s songwriting community, co-writing with other songwriters and playing in writers’ rounds around town.

While she fuses influences of past and present, country, rock, and pop, the South Dakota native still strives to stay true to country music’s storytelling roots. Whether the song’s about love, heartbreak, having a good time, or working hard, Katie weaves the listener through a story along the way.

On July 2nd, 2021, she released her debut EP "Sunsets and Fireworks." The title track has been described by Three Chords Country as "What you would get if Eric Church's Springsteen were written by a young Taylor Swift," perfectly summing up the songstress's influences. “Sunsets and Fireworks” has gotten radio play on several stations including Radio SoBro, CountryRadio.UK, and SheWolf Radio.

In addition to music, Katie also enjoys traveling. In the past few years, she’s managed to put the two passions together and play shows out on the road in places such as South Carolina, Alabama, The Listening Room in Pigeon Forge, TN, and Wild West Songwriters’ Festival in Deadwood, SD.

In 2023, Katie looks forward to putting out new music, beginning with the release of “Haven’t Even Poured The Whiskey” on March 24th. For more information, visit and follow Katie on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.


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