Weston Burt

Alabama has produced its share of country-music stars, and with the emergence
of Weston Burt, the state may be poised to add another to its pedigree. Born in
Fort Payne—the home of iconic supergroup Alabama—Weston is a commanding
performer steeped in the traditions of Southern rock and country. For the 27-year-
old singer and songwriter, the stage is his home.

“There is nothing I love more than to play,” says Weston, who first embarked on
his career in music while attending college at Auburn University. In addition to his
regular class load, Weston played a staggering 150 dates a year—everywhere from
fraternity parties to clubs—developing a reputation as a dazzling performer, as well
as a tireless work ethic.

“I’ve been plugging away at this for years. I didn’t breeze into town expecting a
record deal right away, but it happened almost immediately,” he says of his signing
with Hit Shop Records.

“I’ve listened to a lot of Brooks & Dunn and love music with variety. If you listen to a
Garth Brooks album, who is a hero of mine, he had all kinds of songs: slow, fast, mid-
tempo. I try to cover all of that on my album,” he says.

Along with Garth, Weston cites Lynyrd Skynyrd and, of course, Alabama as
influences. In fact, he learned to play guitar to Alabama songs. “The first song I ever
learned was ‘Dixieland Delight,’” he says. “Just being from the same place as they
were made me realize that it was possible to make it. With Alabama, I saw that ‘it’
could happen.”

In a way, it has already happened for Weston. His time working the concert circuit
during college left him with a certain feeling of success. “I made a pretty decent
living then,” he admits.

Weston is ready for the national stage eager to establish himself as country’s next
breakout male vocalist. In January 2013 Weston hits the road on a national radio
tour, promoting his debut single “Lucky Sometimes.” “I’m a hard-working guy from
Alabama who loves country music,” he says. “And I’m ready for my shot.”