#TakeThatShot with Shari Rowe

Country Singer Shari Rowe proves to be a talented singer and songwriter. She is starting to become one of Nashville’s hottest new stars, thanks to her new single, “Take That Shot.” The Arizona native talked with us this week about her successful last year and 2017 holds.

Hi Shari! Thank you so much for chatting with us! Give us a background on yourself and how you got started in music. Do you remember hearing yourself on the radio for the first time?

Yes! It was in the car with my sisters. We toured together for awhile. It was fun to be able to share that moment with them.

What musicians have consistently inspired you and your music?

Miranda Lambert, Alison Krauss, Natalie Hemby

Last year you toured Poland and played 13 gigs in 10 days! How was that tour? Any favorite venues or crowds?

Absolutely amazing! I have so many stories from that tour. I think one of my favorite shows was at a festival in Pszczyna called Daisy Days. The center of town is so colorful and beautiful. We were surrounded by gorgeous, old buildings…the weather was perfect, and the people loved the music. They danced and smiled, and were so kind!

Looking back on your journey, what’s the number one lesson you’ve learned along the way?

In everything we do, we should try to leave a positive mark. There’s a quote by William James… “The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”

What was it like to perform with artists like Uncle Si and Maddie and Tae.

It’s always exciting to perform alongside other artists and/or celebrities! It’s also pretty cool to get to know them just as everyday people. It inspires me to keep working towards my goals.

Who would be your dream duet partner?

Vince Gill.

Your newest single, “Take That Shot,” was released in September. Along with the release you challenged fans to a #TakeThatShot Kindness Challenge. Tell us a little bit about that and where the idea come from.

It’s great to have the momentum we’re seeing with the song! We wanted to find a way to use that platform for something more; to give it a purpose beyond entertainment. We’re asking fans to show kindness to people around them in any number of ways. We often have good intentions when we see a need, but we don’t always put action to it. We’re challenging people to do just that, and then let us know by posting a photo representing how they decided to #takethatshot. Also, to tag 10 friends to do the same!

What do you want fans to know most about you and your music?

I think, that it really means a lot to me that my music be relatable; that fans can find themselves in a song. Also, that I love using this platform to help others.

Your 2016 was so busy and successful, what does your 2017 look like? Any surprises?

I’m happy to say that 2017 is looking great! New music, new shows, new opportunities! I feel very blessed.

Finally,Where can we keep up with you and your music?

WEBSITE: http://sharirowe.com
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ShariRowe.OfficialPage/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/sharirowe
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/sharirowe/

The energetic, singer-songwriter Shari Rowe, fuses classic country with bluegrass and blues-rock flair. The Lamon Records recording artist traded in private living room concerts, for the big stage, performing with acts such as Big and Rich, Uncle Si and Marsha Robertson, and Maddie and Tae. Shari spends most of her time on the road, taking her high energy performances as far as Poland. When she’s not touring, Shari uses her powerful voice to lead worship in her church, around her family.
Shari’s music is defined by her Arizona childhood, where she grew surrounded by her musical family, singing by the campfire, day after day of horseback riding. Those elements, the outdoors, family, and adventure, are clear themes in her music. More importantly, Shari’s sincere soul and charisma shines through each song.