Restaurant Review: Jack and Jameson’s Smokehouse in Franklin, TN

Jack & Jameson’s is becoming known as one of the most family friendly restaurants in Franklin, TN. Jack & Jameson’s is owned by Steve Burton, Rick Shannon, and Jonathan Jackson. Steve and Jonathan became friends as actors in Hollywood over 15 years ago. Jonathan Jackson, who plays Avery Barkley on the ABC show, “Nashville,” and his friend Steve Burton, who starred in daytime soap operas such as “General Hospital” and “The Young and the Restless,” saw the need for a “family friendly, world-class” spot in Franklin. The restaurant is famous for their mouth-watering BBQ, burgers, and melts and serve over 20 local draft beers on tap. Do not let the name fool you, though, they do not serve liquors. Along with their incredible food, on the weekends Jack & Jameson’s is also a world class, upscale music venue, hosting some of the finest musicians in the world.


Jack and Jameson’s is casual—the kind of place you can just swing by and order good food without fanfare, and that’s as it should be for a barbecue joint. Beautifully crafted tables and chairs adorn the small room that’s filled with rustic decor. I can assure you that the patio area will be a bevy of activity in the warmer months.



You could make a meal of just the starters, the portions are ample and the menu is varied. The options include smoked chicken wings ($8.90), ho muffins ($9.90), and brisket fritters ($11.90).  The best starter bite, however, is the crab cakes. If you think these are going to be deep fried corn mill cakes, think again. You can taste delicious Baltimore crab in every singe bite ($13.90).


Brisket Fritter:- shredded potato stuffed with brisket, cheddar, and a slice of jalapeño drizzled with spicy aioli



Crab Cakes


The meat is smoky and succulent. It arrives unsauced and unadorned, concealing nothing and revealing the quality and complexity that comes from hours of smoking. Not unlike a perfectly played pedal steel guitar, their barbecue has the ability to pick you up from where you are and carry you someplace a little bit better.

I must eat really fatty brisket elsewhere, because the cut was actually a lot leaner than I’m accustomed to eating. It was almost also too beautiful to eat, a great smoke ring protecting a tender interior. Of course, I did eat it, and it was a delicious smoked-meat perfection. The pork practically melted in my mouth.  The sauce was really good. You could add a squirt of the house sauce to the meat, but really, it’s not necessary.


Ribs are neatly trimmed, meaty, dry-rubbed, smoked to the point they come off the bone easily, but not before you bite them off.



Jack and Jameson’s offers several house-made sides to compliment the meal. The side dishes live up to the considerable task of belonging on the same plate as the smoky meats. They are clean in flavor and purpose, providing the main entrees the necessary spotlight. The grilled veggies, for instance, taste exactly as they should, with a touch of sweetness from the caramelized onions. The loaded baked potato salad is just as it sounds, a delicious baked potato without the skin, covered in sour cream, bacon, and chives. The real winner side dish, however, is the flash fried broccoli. Sure to make anyone enjoy eating their vegetables.


Flash Fried Broccoli ($3)


Grilled Veggies-red and green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and broccoli sautéed in olive oil ($3) Grilled Asparagus- pan sautéed in olive oil ($3)


A moment after we were seated on the patio, a fantastically friendly waitress greeted us.  She never left us with an empty glass and was always close by when we needed something. Every employee passing by nodded a greeting or stopped to see if everything was to our liking. Service is fast and responsive, yet somehow still cool and casual.


Do not forget to save room for dessert! The options include peanut butter chocolate cake drizzled with chocolate salted caramel sauce ($8.90), triple chocolate single layer cake drizzled with rasberry sauce ($8.90), or a cinnewaffle ($8.90).


Cinnewaffle: 2 cinnamon buns in a waffle iron, topped with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate salted caramel sauce ($8.90). (If you want a treat, try adding a little of the house BBQ sauce)


The food is great, the prices are right, and there is something for the whole family to enjoy. If you are in the mood for great food with a side of Southern hospitality, Jack and Jameson’s Smokehouse in Franklin, TN is the place to go.



509 Hillsboro Rd Franklin, Tennessee

Jack & Jameson’s is owned by Steve Burton, Rick Shannon, and Jonathan Jackson. Steve and Jonathan became friends as actors in Hollywood over 15 years ago. Jonathan Jackson, who plays Avery Barkley on the ABC show, “Nashville,” and his friend Steve Burton, who acted in daytime soap operas such as “General Hospital” and “The Young and the Restless,”saw the need for a “family-friendly, world-class” spot in Franklin. They have always enjoyed working together & started Jack & Jameson’s because they knew Franklin, TN would benefit from a family friendly restaurant. Contrary to what most believe at first glance, the name Jack & Jameson’s didn’t come from a love affair with either of the well-known liqueurs. Although they pay homage to them with a wink and a nod at the bar (Jack Daniels and Jameson’s Irish Whiskey are the only hard alcohol drinks they offer) their name actually comes from the names of two of the owners son’s (Jack and Jameson).