Picks Nashville Closing

Hey all, Just though we would share this message from the Picks Staff with you. Unfortunately, they will be closing doors on May 26th.

-Mary Ann Kaylor

“Hey guys!
I wanted to tell you guys that we have had some serious issues with the hotel (as most of you know)! We are having parking issues and now we are being told that an acoustic guitar is too loud!! We have made the heart wrenching decision to close the bar at it’s current location. It is with an extremely heavy heart that we make this announcement. We simply feel that with our continued growth that we will continue to e…ncounter issues with the hotel. We have not made a final decision on whether or not we will reopen at another location but will keep you all up to date on our decision.

We will stay open until the final Lyric benefit on May 25th (featuring Marty Raybon from Shenandoah!!) We want to encourage all of you guys to please come hang out with us for the next month and lets send this out with a bang!!

Finally, I want to tell each of you how much my family appreciates what you have done for us!! You welcomed us into your lives and became our family and we are so grateful for that!! I pray that we will continue to be in close contact with each of you. I will in the very near future be creating a new facebook page that will be for the new company we have started. When that happens I will make you all aware of the link.

We love and appreciate you guys so much!

Wade, Tina, Danny, Candice, Rachael, Jacob and Malorie”