Interview with Anthony Orio: “Loves Me Like a Rockstar”

Interview with Anthony Orio: “Loves Me Like a Rockstar

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Country rocker Anthony Orio talks to Suite101 about his new single “Loves Me Like a Rockstar” from his latest album “Between Home and The Bright Lights.”

On Saturday, July 7, 2012, Suite101 spoke with up-and-coming country-rock singer Anthony Orio. He discusses his new single “Loves Me Like a Rockstar” from his sophomore album Between Home and The Bright Lights.

Anthony has performed at the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium and his songs have been published by Sony Music, Universal Music, RPM Music and Major Bob Music; moreover, his songs have been recorded by such artists as Ray Stevens, Andy Griggs, and newcomer Tim Dugger, who was recently signed to Curb Records.

Most impressive about Anthony is that he puts on approximately 200 shows a year, and has became a regular at the Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge locations in Nashville, Tennessee, and Panama City Beach, Florida. “We keep real busy and we are constantly playing and touring. I love performing! That’s the reason as to why I got into this business,” he says.

“Loves Me Like a Rockstar”

“I wrote it with the bass player of my band, who co-produced my records with me. He is actually one of my favorite people to write with. It was one of those deals where we were just out on the road touring and we hung out after the show and a comment came up about ‘everybody loves a rockstar but nobody loves the hangover’ and the song came out from that. We do things differently than what most people do in Nashville. We come up with our own ideas for songs and then we sit down and we write them,” he says.

“Between Home and The Bright Lights”

“It took us about a year and a half to produce the album,” he says. “I wrote all of the songs on there, except one track that was written by Butch Walker. It consists of thirteen songs and I am very excited about it since this album covers a lot of grounds including some of my rock influences and the last track on there is old-school country that sounds like a Hank Williams Jr. song,” he says.He notes that his new CD is getting mastered this week and it is expected to be available on July 26, and a huge album release party is slated to take place in Nashville.


“George Strait was my earliest influence and then I branched into other country acts as Garth Brooks and Alabama. I also used to listen to classic rock such as Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones. I also love singer-songwriters,” he says. “My stage presence was inspired by Garth. He is incredible! I have yet to meet him, but I hope I get to someday.”


“I’m always on Facebook and on Twitter, and I try to respond to as many people’s comments as I can. I also do a newsletter every few months and I update fans on new songs and places where I will be playing. I upload two to three new songs each month on my website, and we keep in touch with people via e-mail,” he says.

For more on Anthony Orio and his band, the Goodfellers, check out his official website.