Garth Brooks Rocks Nashville

I cannot believe the show I got to experience last Monday 12/20/10. Actually let me start from the beginning when Garth Brooks had his press conference and announced he would be performing shows in Nashville for $25. I had no idea that tickets would sell out for 10 shows the 1st day. Luckily I was able to get 2 tickets before they were gone. I did not care where they were or even if I could see anything….NEVER thought I’d see Garth brooks perform live in my lifetime!! The whole time before the show I just kept thinking back to middle school when I used to listen to Garth Brooks hits cd all the way to church on my walkman cd player. And I did pull out that same much scratched cd and listen to it getting ready for the concert.

So Diane and I got to the show early and hiked up to our 3rd level seats, the whole way up I kept apologizing for the terrible seats I just knew we had. We were pleasantly surprised when they were backstage and an AMAZING view. We could see the stage and everything perfectly, did not even need to look at a big screen. We did have a little bit of pre show drama, when an extremely drunk lady fell down all the stairs on her face. Surprisingly, she did not break her neck. But the police did not throw her out and she was back in her seat in just a few minutes. (May I rant for just a minute, WHY you would get so drunk and go see The artist of the decade and not be able to enjoy or remember it is nuts, seriously there are plenty of people that would have loved to have that ticket!)

Karyn Rochelle was the opener, who wrote the hit Georgia Rain for Trisha Yearwood along with many others, and was also one of Garth’s backup vocals. She was absolutely amazing and thanked Garth for such a great opportunity.

Soon after Garth rose from the back of the stage in his signature pose and the place went wild. There was so much energy, excitement, and emotion. I personally have to say I cried at this point. First thing he said was, “I have missed you guys so much.”  Steve Warner sang and played longneck bottle with Garth. Then he said the one thing I will always remember, “You don’t know how many miles I’ve traveled just to hear you guys sing” and yes tears again for me. Soon his beautiful and talented wife Trisha Yearwood joined him for “In Another’s Eyes” and “More than a Memory. She let him have a break while she sang “She’s in love with the Boy.” Yes there was so much energy tears came yet again.


Garth told everyone the show was being filmed and viewed overseas on the Armed Forces Network, immediately the crowd went into U.S.A chants and screams. The cameras scanned the crowd and showed the men and women in uniform. The crowd then took over just like always for the song “Unanswered Prayers”, if you have ever heard it on his live cd’s you know what I’m talking about. During the 1st verse he said, “That’s what I remember!!” Garth left and no one moved..He came back to Encore…he left and again no one moved..Then he came and thanked everyone and couldn’t believe his night and encored again.

We were 1st in line to meet Karyn Rochelle after the show. She literally walked straight from the stage to the signing table and signed free cd’s after singing for over 2 hours.

That show is one I will take with me forever, it is shows and people like him that make me want to do what I do and why Kaylor Girl Promotions exist. Thanks to everyone that was behind putting this amazing concert series on. And of course the biggest thanks of all to Garth Brooks for years of amazing talent and music.