David Oakleaf and The Open Road at Hard Rock Cafe Nashville

This Friday, February 4, 2011, we took the trip downtown to Broadway to see David Oakleaf and the Open Road playing in the Hard Rock Café Reverb room along with two other bands. This is the third show we have seen at this venue and it sounds amazing every time. It has always been worth the $5 cover they charge. We started helping these guys out a couple weeks before putting up their fliers all over town, selling preshow tickets, and using all the social media we could to get the word out about this fantastic concert. We saw the band on our very first trip to Nashville about two years ago at a 12th and Porter showcase, and they have changed their sound a bit since then! If you have not seen these guys recently you NEED to!! They know how to put on a show and get the crowd going! We stayed on our feet the entire time they played. We did not stop dancing even to get a new drink! You can get a copy of their music on iTunes and through their website at http://www.davidoakleaf.com/.