Craig Moritz

Craig Moritz is a rarity these days. He is a country boy at heart, a what you see is what you get kind of a guy who happens to write and sing some pretty good country music. You might think his mother had an inkling of this since she had gave him the initials CM (country music!). Craig is a native of Medicine Hat Alberta, but also has spent the better part of his life in Ft. McMurray and now hails from the Edmonton area. Moritz is Alberta through and through. After growing up and working jobs from retail to oilfield, he knew he had yet to find his true path. Craig got hooked on the idea of becoming a country music artist after meeting Toby Keith and having a down to earth, “real” conversation about the music industry with him. Since then Craig has been inspired and motivated, working on a steady path towards his career as a country music artist and songwriter.

With his clean sound, good looks and his honest brand of real country music, Craig is ready to step into the well worn boots of his influences that have blazed the trail before him such as George Strait, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Dwight Yoakam and Randy Travis to name a few. 2010 sees Craig Moritz well on his way to becoming a “heavy hitting” household name in the Country Music industry.

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