Craig Moritz Video Shoot & Diane’s Birthday at Taps & Tapas

The best word to describe this past Saturday is “WoW”.  We were offered an amazing opportunity to be in Craig Moritz’s “No Fun Haters” video BiG thanks to Randy and Joe at Nashville Music Guide! We got there about 1:30 and it was of course pouring rain and freezing, Thanks December. We were greeted with open arms by Ms. Silver the producer for the video. There was so much going on from magicians and ventriloquists; to brilliant musicians such as David Ray, Benjamin Johnson, and Aaron Goodvin that came to show their support for Craig. We also go to hang with the Beautiful and Fabulous Kali Nolen of The shoot took about 4 hours, there were bar fights, a rooster car, and a big concert! Have to say one of the best parts for me was getting to dance with Amanda again and play a confederate flag guitar on stage with my band. The other gals might say kissing Craig though.  That’s all I will give away, just make sure you check out the video!! So after that we had a quick wardrobe change at the house and headed to taps and tapas on Belcourt for Dianes Birthday Party! Most of the Kaylor Girls got to attend. I DEF want to give a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Chris Winward for performing for us!! And also to Ms Emma and Rose at Tapas for letting us have the Party. Just so everyone knows the service was absolutely wonderful!! No one had a tab messed up or had to wait a second for a drink or food! Top recommendations for your next party!! 615-915-3622 is their # tell them the Kaylor Girls sent you. So anyways not only did we have all our close friends there, but all our new friends from the video came. Best part besides surprising Diane with the Cake was Chris Winward and Craig Moritz performing “If I were a Pirate” together and David Ray, Aaron Goodvin, Chris Winward, and Craig Mortiz all doing their own version of Happy Birthday for Diane. Our Party was over at 10pm so we all loaded on the bus and headed over to Losers in Midtown. Right before we left Dierks Bentley shows up to do some shots! Gotta be the perfect ending.

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  1. Do you have any more photos or more of the video shot this day ?! We were in town from Upper Michigan and were there for the video and phots also !! Thanks ahead of time !! GREAT Day !!

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