Chris Hurt

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. His mom was a gospel singer and his dad – well, his dad was legendary singer-songwriter Jim Hurt. His brother is Mark Hurt a well know part of the nashville music industry best known for managing Tim Mcgraw since the beginning of Tim’s Career… To Chris, as a kid, music was as important as breathing…  Though his childhood was “trying” in his words, he managed to come away with the love of a good song, lots of amazing friends a lot of stories, and a voice like the underside of velvet, or smoke on asphalt.

To meet Chris, you’d never know he was the kid of a Grammy winner or that he used to hang with many of Nashville’s finest artists, or that he had ‘lessons’ from his dad in a real-deal studio

before they were on every corner. He’s humble, unassuming — you have to draw experiences out of him. (Like when he sang with Dobie Gray, or being friends with Tim Mcgraw since the days Tim lived in Mark’s basement)

Chris just likes to talk about music and about ‘getting better and learning more’, and those are his words. He’s always chasing a song, a new one or just one of those great old aching soul-drenched ballads….

On any given night you’ll find Chris loose, relaxed and spilling his heart out somewhere around the southeast. About to head out on a solo tour Chris was the lead singer for the Newest Indie success story know as Colt Ford… Chris was the acoustic Guitar player and Lead singer for the band Throughout 2009 and made a lasting impression on thousands of fans that he met being a part of the Colt Ford Experience….

He is also very proud of the experience’s he had and grateful for the opportunity to Tour the country with an amazing person like Colt…..”I had the Time of my life with those guys, I wouldn’t trade it for the anything” CH

He loves the drama that unfolds in a song, he says, and is always looking for those moments when a pair of eyes out in the crowd suddenly change and seem touched by what he’s doing… then it’s all worth it.


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