Chris Hurt Rockin Country Christmas


What an amazing Friday night we had at 12th and Porter in Nashville!! It was Iconic Rockwear and 12th and Porters Rockin’ Country Christmas featuring Katie Kerkhover, Bow Echo, Adalene, Her and King’s County, and Chris Hurt! We got there about 8pm to see Her and King’s County taking the stage..I was nervous by the punkish way they looked but that def was deceiving, they were pretty amazing! It was more of rock/country type of music.

It was a hard job to follow them though, the next band I can’t remember their name sorry, made us all tired. And the lingerie of the lead singer wasn’t enjoyable for us at all. BUT Chris Hurt was next and man did he Rock it out to the fullest! The whole room moved forward to be by the stage ( everyone was at least 5 or more feet away before then)!! He had a awesome full band and 2 lovely and talented back up singers (both named Lindsey) and sang not only originals but did a fabulous job doing covers also.

If you have a chance check out a live show you will not be disappointed! You can also have a chance to get some of his music and a autographed pic just send an email to or! And if you are ever in Nashville and want to check out some great shows go to 12th and Porter, it’s a great venue and always have some impressive artists playing!