Chris Collins Band Takes Nashville

A year after we first heard the song “She makes Dirt look Good” on South 106.1 in GA, we finally got to see and meet The Chris Collins Band. They played at Chases Sport Bar and Grill in Goodlettesville TN, which is just North of Nashville. I was a little worried when they said they play 8-11. But let me tell you, the place was about packed at 8pm!! Not only that but the whole band was on time, sound check done, merch set up, and people were just waiting to hit the dance floor. And at 8pm when Chris started playing the dance floor started filling! I would also like to add all of Chris’s management and crew were awesome too! Check out his site and get to a show ASAP!! If he’s not playing near you anytime soon, tell your favorite bar or party spot to have him! Kaylor Girl word, you will not be disappointed!!