Battered and Brewed Food on Tour: Where Entertainers Eat and Drink Across the Country

One of the greatest reasons to travel is to learn about, explore, and taste the wide variety of local food available in every destination around the world. It is even better when you are there to play music and do what you love at the same time!  When your a touring musician you have the opportunity to connect with so many people, have experiences you’ll never forget, and, more importantly, get to taste some unique and incredibly delicious food. We caught up with some of our favorite musicians to tell us about one memorable meal they have had during their travels.

Smithfield –

“NorthStar in Columbus, Ohio for Breakfast. They source all their products from local farms, and the cloud nine pancakes are a must! You are literally on Cloud nine after! Pair that with some of their fresh coffee and it’s near perfection.”

David Bellamy, Bellamy Brothers-

“We’ve eaten many great meals in the U.S. and around the world, but one of the most memorable was in S. Africa.
We were performing at Sun City Casino in Bophuthatswana for two weekends and during the week we were invited to Sabi Sabi game reserve for a photographic safari. Seeing all the Wild African animals by day was an incredible experience, but in the evening, meals were even better. They served us fresh game like Kudu butchered daily with wild greens cooked with local roots and potatoes and homemade ice cream made from buffalo milk. The topper to the meal was during dessert the local native tribe danced and sang for the safari members. Kinda hard to forget a meal like that.”

Michael Tyler-

“One of my favorites is the Silver Diner in the Baltimore airport. It involved A LOT of breakfast!”

Tanya Tucker –

“I just love a good bone-in ribeye while on the road! Or anytime for that matter. I’ve changed my diet to gluten-free now, so I’ve had to change up all of the sides to go along with the steak, but nothing beats a well done bone-in ribeye!”

Tony McKee-

“That’s easy. It was at Goody’s Steak-burgers in Sedalia, Missouri. The place was vintage and decked out in my spirit animal James Dean. There was also Marilyn and Elvis. I had the Goober Burger. A deluxe burger with peanut butter on it. Freaking awesome!!”

Willie Braun of Reckless Kelly-

We have our favorite restaurants in every town. In San Francisco, we go to Tadich, in New York we go to Wo Hop, Salt Lake it’s the Red Iguana, etc… the most memorable meal lately was at our friend Jimmy’s house. He works at a Chinese restaurant in Austin, but he and his wife Ling host family style dinners at their house. We went with some friends for our record wrap party and they served 13 or 14 courses of Chinese, American, and everything in between. They just kept bringing out more food. Every single thing we ate was magical. The highlights included piles and piles of lamb chops, lobster, soup, and the grand finale, beef tenderloin with melted foie gras over the top. It was unreal. I have daydreams about that meal.”

Lorrie Morgan-
Restaurant called “The View” inside Spirit Lake Casino near Devils Lake, North Dakota. “On the road with Ronnie Milsap and we were performing at the casino for two nights. They brought me out a 10lb lobster the first night on a silver platter and I ate every bite (over a few hours.) It was the most delicious meal I have ever had on the road. And, yes, I did go back the next night for more.”

Jamie Dailey of  Dailey & Vincent-

“The Everglades Club in Palm Beach Florida. A magnificent buffett with more food than I could try in a month!”

Darrin Vincent of Dailey & Vincent-

“One of my favorite places to eat on the road is in Centerville, IA at Joe’s Quick Shop on Main St. It’s a small gas station that still serves up Maid-Rite sandwiches. My mother told me about it, and I look forward to stopping in every time we’re in the area.”

Julia Capogrossi-

“When I was doing a show in Florida during Gasparilla, everyone said we had to go to Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa. My uncle lives down there so we took him out with us, and I had some of the best dang steak of my life! It was amazing. I’m ready to get another show booked there just so I can go back to this steakhouse.”

Shawn Amos-

“I just got back from a 3-week tour of Europe and had the most amazing meals. I got introduced to Stamppot in The Netherlands. It’s a traditional meal of potatoes and greens. Very basic, but lovely. I also had an insane 7-course lunch at an Amsterdam restaurant called Choux. I also had Tajine (a Moroccan dish) for the first time in France. It included a baked lemon, which blew my mind.”

TG Sheppard-

“My most memorable meal is one that I still can get to this day… meatloaf with mashed potatoes, green beans, sliced tomatoes, coleslaw and cornbread at Cracker Barrel.”

Leroy Van Dyke-

“The best overall restaurant experience has been the Blue Gate Restaurant in Shipshewana, Indiana.  The meal was a feast of home-cooked food.  The attitude of the staff; the variety, preparation and presentation of the food; the service; and the ambiance were all five star!  Can’t wait to go back!!”  

 Janie Fricke-

“In Jackpot, NV at CACTUS PETE’S Casino, there is a gourmet restaurant that serves great food!  We have shows there with TG  soon on my tour schedule!  It’s a fun place I have worked for many years”

Williams Honor-

“After our visit to 100.3 THE FARM, we hit this amazing spot called Mallard’s in Huntington, TN. It’s country home cooking at it’s VERY best…the food was so good. We had lunch there and went back again for dinner! And it was right down the street from the legendary Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center!”

Benji Harris-

“My most memorable meal on the road was Lobster Pie in Portland Maine. I was on the road playing guitar for Bo Bice at the time. It was this casserole of lobster meat with toasted bread crumbs on top. It must have had a stick of butter in it. Worth every calorie. I still dream about it sometimes.”

Noe Palma-

 “I think we were opening for Gary Allan about 5 years ago in Kansas City. There’s this place by the Live Stage called 801 Chophouse. It was spring time, so morel mushrooms were in season. I LOVE MORELS! I had friends in from Nashville so I took them to 801. They just so happened to have a steak smothered in fresh morels there. Needless to say, I devoured that ribeye like I hadn’t eaten in weeks! To this day I still dream about that steak :) Anytime we are on the road I try to always eat something different, like the Ma and Pop places. I’m very adventurous when it comes to food. I’m a HUGE foodie.”

Lindsay Lawler- 

“One of our favorite little gems we discovered out on the road was the Firefly Grille in Effingham, IL. My fiddle player had eaten there before and encouraged us to take a slight detour off the beaten path to try this spot for brunch. It was amazing, and in the middle of nowhere. The outside looks like a huge old barn, and it sits on a pond with huge colorful fish. The inside is lit up bright and has an upscale country vibe. We started with flash fried calamari and crispy crab purses, which had hoisin cremates, king crab, and sweet chili. They have wonderful brick oven pizzas, fish tacos, huevos rancheros, and chicken and waffles for brunch. Obviously we toasted with mimosas as well for my drummer’s birthday. It was a beautiful setting, with awesome food, and a “make you feel at home” vibe that we hope to go back to! And on a side note, one of our other very favorite spots while traveling is Founding Farmers in Washington D.C. Their skillet cornerback with honey butter, devil-ish eggs, and chicken and waffles with mac and cheese (followed by a nap) are just the start of this awesome farm to table menu. And their drinks with all ingredients are made in house by their own master distiller and drink specialist. Try the Farm Daisy with gin, green chartreuse, lemon and lemongrass!”

Lockwood Barr –

“I played a house concert in New Orleans this past March and stayed with the most gracious hosts.  Night one included homemade shrimp and andouille sausage with grits and a cream reduction.  Night two was an evening of oysters at Superior Seafood, followed by a late-night run for beignets.  And night three was a crawfish feast, which we ate straight out of the barrel in the hosts’ driveway, where we were provided with a separate container to dispose of their heads after we cracked them off.”

Ashton Shepherd-

“I LOVE to go to “Ezell’s Fish Camp” in Nanafalia, AL. I love the seafood there. It’s on the river and a perfect setting!”

Richard Young, The Kentucky Headhunters-

“I would have to say the most unusual meal I’ve had on the road was in Texas. We had fried rattle snake with goat’s milk biscuits and gravy. Dessert was chocolate covered crickets and grasshoppers.”

Jake Maurer-

“In Dallas, TX at Pappas Brothers Steakhouse. Best ribeye steak I have ever had. I also found out why you have a red wine with steak!”

Halson Griffiths-

“I know exactly where it was! It was my first pig roast in a swamp in Jacksonville, FL. I woke up on the bus in the middle of the night and something smelled so good. We were behind someone’s house deep in the swamp and they were smoking a pig and an alligator. Being from Michigan, it was surreal to eat two animals that were walking around the bus that morning.”

Jake Worthington:

“I was on my first radio tour early in in 2016 promoting “Just Keep Falling In Love” and we stopped at Jambo’s BBQ in Burleson, TX. It is hands down the best BBQ I’ve ever had. It’s a little place that literally closes when they run out of food…I would recommend ya go there if you’re ever in Burleson.”