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Mary Ann Kaylor featured in MTSU Magazine

12 Jun

April 2012

Two MTSU student entrepreneurs have life after graduation all figured out. They’ll hire themselves full-time. by Kourtney Hanna

As a junior Recording Industry student studying in the area of Music Business with a minor in Entrepreneurship, Mary Ann Kaylor has already made a name for herself in her chosen industry. Along with her two sisters — avid concert goers who love to check out new talent on the weekends — Kaylor began Kaylor Girl Promotions in 2008.

“We provide a professional level street team for artists currently but not limited to the country and rock genres. We also specialize in Merchandise Sales and promoting events,” Kaylor says. “We have been over the talent portion of festivals — booking, set up, sound, everything.”

As regulars on the music scene in Auburn, Alabama, the girls built connections in the local music industry and began to get hired to help rev up crowds during shows – usually by choreographing dance moves to fit the songs that bands were playing and to get fans to join in.

“I went to as many shows as possible and got my friends to attend. I started to build relationships with bar owners, radio station owners, bands, and loyal fans. I got their feedback and started to help out.”

Friends of the sisters have now joined the group, and their services keep expanding. As CEO of Kaylor Girl Productions, Kaylor is excited about the growth of her family business.

“We keep an up to date website of events throughout the Southeast, artist profiles, places to book, CD reviews, and blogs,” Kaylor says. “We have 12 girls currently, all featured on our website, and located in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. We are always looking to expand.”

Kaylor credits part of her success in the music industry to her experience with MTSU’s Recording Industry program.

“I think that my college education over the years has helped in the correct development of Kaylor Girl Promotions. I do feel that MTSU has provided the greatest opportunities for us with the Recording Industry and business program.”

Kaylor plans to continue improving her education, and keeping Kaylor Girl Productions successfully thriving in the music industry.

“I think this business will always be a big part of my life. I hope that it continues to grow and help artists obtain their dreams while giving fans a great experience at shows.”

we made HARD ROCK CAFE Website

3 Oct

“Kaylor Girls” Take Street Teaming to Another Level

8 Dec

The Kaylor Girls are being featured in the Winter Issue of Nashville Music Guide!! To read the full article written by Rick Moore click on image below or go to:

Local Competes for “Miss BamaJam 2010”

25 Apr

“Kaylor is 23 years old, and she was born and raised right here in Auburn. She is the middle of three sisters, who charmingly refer to themselves as the Kaylor Sisters because they share similar passions and pursue them together. Mary Ann, however, is embarking on the adventure of ‘Miss BamaJam’ by herself”….click here to view the entire article by Meg Beasley in The Corner News





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College Girls Work Wonders to Promote Local Bands

4 Jan

Check usout in this months issue of Music Connection Magazine! Feature Article page 46!!!  We would like to send out a special thanks to Lyn Sengupta, Adam Pompili, and Mark Nadone for making this possible. Let us know what you think and keep rockin the music you guys!!


Local Women Form Group out of Love for Live Music

25 Jun

“Lisa, Mary Ann and Cindy Kaylor love live music. The Auburn girls love music so much that they have formed their own group that attends concerts every weekend called the Kaylor Girls. The girls have only been an official group for about a year, but have more than 85,000 friends on MySpace and have requests from around the United States for their appearances at shows. The Kaylor Girls now have six members.

“The Kaylor Girls started out as my two sisters and I enjoying concerts,” said Mary Ann Kaylor. “Soon our other friends got involved and now we go to shows every weekend.””….click here to view the entire article by Carla Merrill from The Corner News.