Aquapalooza 2009

Aquaplazooa was held on Lake Martin in Alexander City this year. Lineup included, Alan Jackson, Matt Stillwell, Joey and Rory, Catlin and Will, Carter Twins, and Jypsi to name a few. Jessica, Mary Ann, and Lisa & our parents decided to Camp at Wind Creek State Park & drive over to the event. Friday night we decided to drive over and check out where everything was and find somewhere to put our innertubes. There was a lot of chaos and the boats were already lining up. After we went to at least 5 people to see where we could put our tubes, I decided no one knew anything. While waiting patiently for an answer we were given 10 tickets to Matt Stillwell and Joey & Rory that night. So we went to the show that evening at the amphitheater, and had a taste of moonshine from the Matt Stillwell Band. Joey & Rory also stayed for awhile after the show and took as pics and signed a million autographs which was awesome. The next day (Satur) we were up bright and early for the concerts.

On our way we decided to stop for some land shark and wine coolers for mom. But we had no bottle opener, soo we decided that the seat belt hook would work. Mom finally got the top off when we got there but broke the bottle and cut herself in doing so..but we got her all fixed up and stood in line for about an hr waiting for the shuttle to take us to the lake. We loaded up the coolers in floats ( Coleman makes a cool cooler float & we had a big bopper cooler which was in the shape of a fishing bobber) and floated out in front of the stage for Jypsi to kick off the event. Throughout the day the water got nastier ( because obv no one left the water for the restroom) and it more crowded.

Mom left the show about half way through the day and the rest of us were getting pushed around so much, (we were almost pushed ashore under the stage) we decided to go check out the restaurant on the water for drinks. Then we started wandering about and ran in to some of our favorite friends from 100.9 The Bull and 95.1 The Fox so we followed them out to their dock to watch Alan Jackson. While standing there we met Will of Catlin and Will, The Carter Twins and their band, Matt Stillwell and band again which was awesome. When Alan Jackson started we were surrounded with CMT video camera, ( so watch for us on the CMT Aquaplazooa Special). I have to be honest the rest of the day gets fuzzy ( it was a loooong day) But we got to hang out with a bunch of cool musicians and some how the bag with all of our stuff ended up getting left behind. ( we did get it back the next day tho) All in all it was a great water festival. The lineup of talent was amazing, Alan Jackson brought his boat and had it parked beside where we stood, the security was good enough so there were no tragedy’s but also let everyone still have a great time. The only bad part was that everyone did their business in the water!!!! We are excited for Aquaplaooza 2010 feat. Brad paisley!