An Interview With Country Singer-Songwriter Newcomer J. Kyle Reynolds

J. Kyle Reynolds wants this music to make you feel something. He began in Georgia rooted in country. He recently took the time to chat with us about “If I Got You,” inspiring others, and his dream collaboration with Sam Hunt. Check out what he had to say!

Hi Kyle! Thank you so much for chatting with us! Growing up, did you all always want to be an artist? Can you recall your earliest musical memory?

I started humming and singing before I could talk! I don’ think I ever “chose” to be an artist, per se, but rather the artist lifestyle chose me! I recall singing in the backseat with my older brother. We would sing Third Eye Blind songs in our mother’s car! Go 90’s babies!

How do you think being from Georgia has influenced you as an artist?

I think having grown up immersed in the southern lifestyle has made it easy to sing country music. I think the southern accent is sought after in many different cultures so it keeps things interesting! I got to play in the GA Red Clay growing up and wrote some pretty cool stories about it!

How’s 2017 treating you so far? What were some of the highlights of 2016 for you?

2017 is going very well! I’ve recently altered my approach to gain more momentum. I’ve started team writing, recording other artists, helping produce music with other musicians, and I’m working on a few cover videos for my YouTube channel.
2016 was a great time of learning for me. I experienced some gains and some losses, but at the end of the day I am thankful for all of it. I believe my highlight for the year was having my second song aired on the radio and getting to play for larger audiences than I have prior!

Who are some of your favorite artists? Who would you love to work with in the future?

I’m a huge fan of the rock band Alterbridge, Zac Brown, Keith Urban, and Brad Paisley. If I could just sit down and have a cup of coffee and talk music with one of those artists, I’d be thrilled. If given the chance, I think working with Sam Hunt would be the most beneficial. We have a few similarities in writing style, but I feel as though he has a great deal more to offer than most when it comes to writing lyrics.

Your EP “If I Got You” was released in summer of 2016. Are you working on a new EP or album to follow up this one?

I am currently pushing those five songs on my EP and working on finishing another single. It should be finished by early Spring so you can expect to hear it by late Spring of 2017! Following this single, I will have six months to release a full length album!

How did the writing process start and where did you get the inspiration?

I started writing at a young age. I was maybe 11 years old when I co-wrote a song with my best friend Branden. We wrote a song called “Girl Next Door” and it was so embarrassing, I could never record it and sell it. I might be willing to play it for you live but only in person!

I find inspiration in many things. I have life experiences, imagination, moments of deep thought, and individual people I meet. I tend to try and focus on the real life scenarios that way its easier to relate to my audience. For instance, “Spring Break ’08” was a real thing. Same with “Wanna Fly.” I was bored at work and wishing my life away waiting for the weekend. There was no reason I couldn’t enjoy my entire week!

Aside from working on new music, do you have any other projects you are working on?

I love working on cars, motorcycles, and building things. I built my own pedal board, and I am considering building a climate-controled decorative guitar cabinet for my home!

Anything to else to share with our readers?

I like to inspire people so, maybe this is my chance! I’m all about building others up. I say build others up and you’ll be lifted up in the process. It’s a cycle. If I can reach people and change lives through my music, I’ll consider it a successful music career.

Thank you so much! We wish you continued success in 2017!

Thank you so much!-J Kyle



J. Kyle Reynolds is a Georgia native from Loganville, Ga. (Born Joseph Kyle Reynolds). From a young age, Kyle found music to be totally captivating and a wonderful form of art. His mother would sing and he would listen, learning harmonies and pitch. At 8 years old, Kyle started playing an electric guitar he inherited from his brother. By age 12, he was performing for his friends at school and in his school choir. Fast forward 4 years and Kyle was playing guitar and singing in the Youth Praise Band at Loganville First United Methodist. Since the fire started, it has never ceased. He has played in many projects such as “Last Word” (2007), “A Forced to be Reckoned” (2007-2010), “Nine” (2010 – 2013), “Project Grayscale” (2013-2015) and is currently pursuing a solo career in Country music. Kyle will graduate college in Dec. 2015 with a degree in International Business and expects it will help him in career management. For this Georgia-raised and southern grown gentleman, Country music seems only natural. His southern drawl mixed with a bluesy feel comes together to create punchy a “Southern Twang”. He released his single “When You Smile” in May of 2015 and discovered a new niche. With the release of this single, it was submitted to and aired on 949 The Bull in Atlanta for 13 weeks; 3 of which he ranked he ranked number 1. He writes, produces, records, and mixes all of his own songs. His EP “If I Got You” was released in summer of 2016.