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Craig Morrison, Australian Vocal Artist of the Year 2012 Central Coast, ASA National Country Songwriter of the Year 2011, and
Multi-Award Winner for his live entertainment performances, is the hottest Australian live country act to touch down in
Nashville, TN since Keith Urban. 2013 has seen Craig continue to perform internationally. In March he performed in Australia’s
Biggest International Country & Roots Festival, “CMC Rocks the Hunter,” performing on the same stage as American
musicians Rascal Flatts, Big & Rich, Chris Young, and The Band Perry. He continued his musical tour to the Plouha Country
Festival in France, and is looking forward to taking his talents to a higher level in the United States at this year’s CMAFest &
FanFairX Exhibition.
“Craig Morrison is one of those artists that has a vocal presence and a clear love of his music that sets him apart from so
many other young artists trying to forge out a career in Country music today. I truly believe that he falls into the Keith Urban
category of performer, not because they both happen to be from Australia, but because like Keith, Craig has a great voice, is a
great musician, and when playing live, really expresses his joy at having an audience to play to,” says Paris-based Tony
Taylor, International Artistic Director, Dreamwest Magazine & Web TV.
What is exciting about Craig Morrison is that he is not one dimensional. He is a singer who plucks a sweet guitar; he is a
songwriter; and above all else, he is a seasoned performer. His onstage skills are easily recognized because he’s been there,
he is comfortable there, and he has a personality that exudes confidence. In the words of Jeff Walker, CMA Board Director
“Craig Morrison is one of those artists who knows how to translate a recording career into a performing career. Having had the
opportunity to see him perform several times in a full band performance setting, I know that he has both the talent and the
ability to energize an audience and motivate them to purchase his product…I continue to wish him well.”
Bridging the physical and musical expanse between Sydney, Australia, and Music City USA is no small feat for a Country
singer. Over the years, plenty of aspiring stars have taken that leap of faith to follow their dreams, packing up and moving to
Nashville from halfway around the world. Aussie Country singer Craig Morrison has managed to cultivate a successful career
at opposite ends of the globe, however. The Sydney native and now Nashville resident continues to release music at home
and abroad, often promoting different singles in different markets simultaneously. In the face of a perpetually changing music
business, Morrison stands as an excellent example of an artist who recognizes the importance of a global career path.
Morrison’s U.S. debut, Craig Morrison, finds the singer at ease in the Country music styles of both Australia and the U.S.
Recorded in Music City under the masterful touch of Grammy Award-nominated producer Mark Moffatt (Keith Urban, Gloriana,
Jason Aldean, O’Shea) the album includes Morrison’s 2011 single, “Hot Kinda Love,” as well as his stateside debut, “Fences”
(a Top 5 smash in Australia). Morrison says he chose “Fences” for his first U.S. release due to the song’s personal and
allegorical meaning.Renowned music critic, author and historian Robert Oermann gave the song high marks upon its release, noting, “This Aussie
cracks the U.S. Country marketplace with a gently rolling social statement about the nature of barricades in our lives. Well
written and expertly produced, it’s a mighty promising debut.”
As “Fences” peaked at 66 on the Country Music Breakout charts in America, Morrison’s latest Aussie single, “Just Another
Sundown,” Topped 4 Down Under. In an ironic twist, the globe-trotting Aussie shot the video for “Fences” in Australia, later
releasing it in the U.S., while the “Just Another Sundown” video was shot in Nashville and is currently in rotation on Australia’s
Country Music Channel (CMC).
The son of legendary Aussie artist Lucky Starr, Morrison grew up surrounded by the day-to-day rigors of the entertainment
business. His father is widely regarded as one of the cornerstones of the Australian Pop genre and the first artist to record the
legendary Johnny Cash anthem, “I’ve Been Everywhere.” By the time Morrison was 13, he was acting in television
commercials and performing on stage with his dad. After playing in a handful of rock bands around Sydney, Morrison
eventually reconnected with one of his first loves, Country music. He knew he had found his true calling as an artist.
2010 saw Morrison make the finals in Australia’s most prestigious talent competition, the Toyota Star Maker, while 2011
produced an Australian Songwriters Award for “Hot Kinda Love” in the Country Song of the Year category. That same year,
Morrison relocated to Nashville, where he began working with producer Moffatt on his U.S. debut. The pair worked diligently to
select only the best songs and session players for the project, ensuring the album met their collective standards for quality
material. With a creative sound that embodies the spirit of Craig’s high-energy performances, the resulting record not only
thrilled Australian audiences, but made an impression on Nashville’s industry crowd as well. and Music News
Nashville’s Chuck Dauphin says, “There’s a lot to like when it comes to the debut disc from Australia native Craig Morrison.
His album is full of deep and thoughtful lyrics, guitar riffs and some very fine guitar hooks throughout this disc. He’s got the
vocal chops, the instrumental skills and the confidence.”
2012 has truly been the breakout year for the Aussie artist, however. Splitting time between his two homes in Nashville and
Sydney, Morrison was recognized as Male Vocal Artist of the Year at Australia’s Central Coast Country Music Festival. Back
in Nashville, he celebrated the release of his self-titled U.S. album in May with a performance on the iconic Billy Block Show,
and the following month made his debut at the world’s largest Country Music event when he performed at the CMA Music
Festival 2012. With singles charting in both Australia and the U.S. in 2012, Craig Morrison has certainly learned how to climb
“Fences” as an artist. Whatever the next obstacle is for the tireless and talented singer from Sydney, it’s a sure bet that he’ll
be ready to meet the challenge.

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