2010 Bra Bash featuring Clay Walker


Winning tickets on the radio is not a hoax!! After my whole life of randomly calling into stations, finally on 10/16/10 I called 103.3 WKDF in Nashville because I heard “were taking the 7th caller now” And behold I was that caller, tho I had no clue what I was calling for. Luckily I won a pair of tickets to the 2010 Susan G Komen Bra Bash which was held at Hard Rock Café downtown Nashville Thursday and Clay Walker was the Headliner. So 1st off a BIG thank you to WKDF for the tickets!! Since we got to sell merch for Clay Walker earlier this year I was excited to see familiar faces again, and I know he puts on an awesome show! The event was held upstairs at the Hard Rock in a private area. It was a very intimate setting which was nice, and for the most part an older crowd. Clay did not use a full band, and took requests from the crowd the whole time. The interaction he had with his fans was wonderful! I have never been to a show like this, it was kinda like a press conference with music breaks in my opinion. The only thing I wasn’t to stoked about was all the songs being requested were being played right down the street on Broadway by every cover band. It would have been nice to hear a lot of his great songs off the new album released earlier this summer.  We also got to make some new friends, Bill Johns with Titans radio being one. In Conclusion it was a run of the mill show downtown.